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Commercial Driver Programs

Crossroads will design a program to fit your fleet and your goals. We bring our program including staff and driving simulator to you.

Contact Crossroads today to learn about our success with our current clients. These real world examples will help show what crossroads can do to increase your profit.

  • Ways to lower your CSA2010 Scores

  • Green House Gas Reduction Through Fuel Management

  • Shifting Programs to Address Driver Efficiency

  • Manual Shift Program for New CDL Guidlines

  • New Generation vs Old Generation Driver

We have put together several links to help show you the changes that will be effecting all in the transportation industry. Our programs are designed for compliance with these issues.


Crossroads Safety Programs

truck simulator photo

Crossroads Safety Management has safety programs that work with many different fields
and has customized simulations for many different vehicle types and makes.

Transportation / School Bus / Motorcoach
Military / Public Utilities / Waste Hauling
Fire & Rescue / Law Enforcement
/ Snowplow

Hi Todd,

I thank both you & Jim for the excellent training you provided for our employees. I heard nothing but positive remarks from our employees that we put through the simulator. I must say from my perspective that it's really close to being in actual winter driving.


Gregg Peterson
Road & Safety Supervisor
Manitowoc County Highway Dept.


Fire Truck Safety Simulator Video

Fire Truck Driver Program Includes
Fire Truck Driver Testing
Fire Truck Driver Evaluation
Fire Truck Driver Observation
Fire Truck Driver Safety
Fire Truck Driver Training

School Bus Safety Simulator Video

School Bus Driver Program Includes
School Bus Driver Testing
School Bus Driver Evaluation
School Bus Driver Observation
School Bus Driver Safety
School Bus Driver Training

Snow Plow Safety Simulator Video

Snow Plow Driver Program Includes
Snow Plow Driver Testing
Snow Plow Driver Evaluation
Snow Plow Driver Observation
Snow Plow Driver Safety
Snow Plow Driver Training

Ambulance Safety Program Includes
Ambulance Driver Evaluation
Ambulance Driver Observation
Ambulance Driver Safety
Ambulance Driver Training
Ambulance Driver Accident Prevention
Ambulance Driver Adverse Weather Driving
Ambulance Driver Education

Emergency Vehicle Program Includes
Emergency Vehicle Driver Testing
Emergency Vehicle Driver Evaluation
Emergency Vehicle Driver Observation
Emergency Vehicle Driver Safety
Emergency Vehicle Driver Training

Fleet Truck Program Includes
Fleet Truck Driver Testing
Fleet Truck Driver Evaluation
Fleet Truck Driver Observation
Fleet Truck Driver Safety
Fleet Truck Driver Training

Highway Driver Program Includes
Highway Driver Testing
Highway Driver Evaluation
Highway Driver Observation
Highway Driver Safety
Highway Driver Training

SWAT Vehicle Program Includes
SWAT Vehicle Driver Testing
SWAT Vehicle Driver Evaluation
SWAT Vehicle Driver Observation
SWAT Vehicle Driver Safety
SWAT Vehicle Driver Training
SWAT Vehicle Driver Accident Prevention

Other Programs We Offer
Garbage Truck Driver Testing
City Garbage Truck Driver Testing
City Dump Truck Driver Testing
County Dump Truck Driver Testing
Snow Plow Driver Testing
Humvee Driver Testing
Pickup Truck Driver Testing
Short Haul Semi Truck Driving Testing
Long Haul Semi Truck Driver Testing
Over The Road Semi Truck Driver Testing
Gas Utility Truck Driver Testing
Water Utility Truck Driver Testing

Crossroads Safety Offers
Fleet Evaluation which includes:

Enroll all drivers
Maintain Driver Database
Forward information to key person

Quarterly Follow-ups:
Re-test drivers
Work on driver issues
Discuss progress with key person


 Company Direct Training

This service allows companies to use their own personnel to train and retrain drivers using our facility and equipment. We have developed a program where you can train up to four drivers at a time using the simulator to develop basic skills, like driving, braking and backing.
Companies using this type of training compared one hour of simulator training equivalent to four hours behind the wheel training.