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Alex Debogorski Driving Crossroads Mobile Simulator

Crossroads has customized it's mobile simulator for Hadley so they can show their smart valve system. Watch the video below to see Alex taking our sim for a drive and sharing his opinion on this possibilities of this great product by Hadley!


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Crossroads Safety Management Group

We are a Driver Safety company that monitors drivers’ habits through the use of simulators and quarterly testing. We have designed a program that will benefit small to large fleet companies. By identifying poor driver habits and comparing them to current data collected from the transportation industry we can work together to increase profit.

Simulator Photo

From a pre-trip inspection to improper shifting techniques our program allows us to set parameters so a driver feels like they are driving their own truck during the test. When quarterly testing is complete our program allows us to reproduce the data, store it and share the information with the safety manager, owner or person in charge.

Companies already using this program have reduced accidents per mile, decreased driver turnover,increased fuel mileage by 15% and now have a tool to reduce their insurance premiums at renewal.

Please contact us for details and pricing.

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1. Your company will have a program so you can monitor and evaluate your drivers, all delivered to your door!

2. We can expose drivers to any kind of weather condition and put them right in the middle of any kind of driving situation.

3. Discounts are available from many insurance carriers because now you have a formal driver safety program in place.

4. We can duplicate any size, weight and manufacture of a vehicle that is normally driven. Also we have industry specific vehicles.
(i.e. Fire Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Ambulance as well as Tractor Trailor units)

5. Increase fleet fuel mileage, decrease accidents by identifying poor driving skills.

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Crossroads Safety Simulator Video

What We Do
Provide customized training to companies based on specific needs
• Utilize state-of-the-art simulations to enhance driver safety programs
• Monitor drivers habits and reacts at all times during simulation
• Record, store, and share analysis with appropriate safety personnel quarterly

How We Do It
• Place driver in setting similar to what they will encounter daily
• Introduce and retain drivers quarterly in situations that have potential to cause costly accidents and pose safety risks to your driver and other motorists
• Test in skills necessary for appropriate industries
• Scenarios are made according to company needs allowing for maximum benefit to each company

Our Equipment
• Gives drivers look and feel of a real environment
• Software delivers sharp visuals allowing a realistic experience
• Force-loaded steering provides real time feedback from simulation

• Improve overall quality of training
• Allows for safe, effective training in a shorter period of time
• Improves drivers reaction time by augmenting proper muscle memory in adverse situations
• Prepares driver for the unexpected
• 1 hour of simulation = 4 hours behind the wheel

System Failures We Can Simulate
Tire blow outs, Brake failure, Accelerator failures, Brake lock-up, Engine overheating

Environmental Factors We Can Simulate
Rain Snow, Ice Fog, Night Day, Wind, Surrounding Vehicles

Driver Behavior Benifits
Control aggressiveness, Traffic signal reactions, DUI level, Collisions

The technology of simulation at your doorstep! Our mobile services are the most cost effective to train your fleet. All this while keeping the productivity and profitability in your organization. Crossroads brings the simulator to your facility and works around your schedule.

Three Main Outcomes With Our Safety Training Programs
• Drivers perform better from a safety aspect
• Retention is noticeable improved due to a decrease in anxiety
• More effective training in a shorter period of time.

Crossroads Safety Management is a custom company providing a safety management and monitoring system for owners of small to large fleets of commercial vehicles.

Events Attended as Invited Vendor:

2008 Wisconsin Public Transist Conference
Waukesha, Wi

2009 "Book of List's Event"
Phister Hotel

2009 Wisconsin Highway Patrol Awards
Stevens Point ,Wi

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